Nintendo Switch Adds Three New Games Today

There may not be any major new Switch games arriving this week, but the eShop has added three more titles in the US.

The first of these is another entry in the ACA NeoGeo series, 1996 golf game Neo Turf Masters ($8), which features two-player support. Next up is New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers ($10), a single-player town-building sim. And finally is a port of Othello ($5), a version of the classic game Reversi. Two-player support is offered with a single Joy-Con, or the game can be played used the touchscreen itself. All three games are ports or updated versions of existing games for Switch.

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You can grab all three of these games right now on the eShop in the US. You can see screenshots of them all in the gallery above.

Coming up next week, on March 28, is an original Switch game, Has-Been Heroes. This is a sort of strategy/action game hybrid that was showcased during the big Switch event in January. It’ll be available digitally and physically for $20.

Last week saw the release of five new games, including The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+.


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